Background Design

His vision was total. He wanted to create not just a story, a book on screen, but the world itself, the face of God if you will. He said he wanted to reinvent the Bible, but better than the Bible, because it’s a movie.

Mulino quickly set to work recruiting the film's creative team. “I remember the day that Larry approached me,” says lead animator Irwin Knut. “He said that it would be unlike any animated feature ever made before. The best, he said. I said, ‘better than The Jungle Book?’ He said no, not that good.” It was around that time that Mulino finally finished reading the book. “I was a little disappointed, to be honest. But by then we’d already secured funding.”

Production designer Karla Strauss was responsible for capturing the look of Dublin in 1904. "When Mr. Mulino asked me to photograph every room in Dublin, I thought he must be joking. I saw so many hand mirrors and writing desks that I thought I would go mad. Two years later, when I was finished, I covered the walls of the studio in interiors. 'Perfect!' he said. ‘So much easier than going there!’ My son had forgotten my face.”

Eccles Street, Kitchen

Freeman's Journal Offices

Mr. Deasy's Office

National Library (exterior)

Object sketches